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Decorating your home has a lot to do with personalization. It’s about adding details that let people know something about you and your interests. All of those artistic touches give the home a unique style that’s easy to recognize. At Mark and Graham, we provide even more ways to personalize your interior design scheme. Make a bold statement with personalized decor that literally has your name written all over it. Place signature pieces throughout the house to give it a refined ambience. Here are a few room accent possibilities.

Bring elegance into the living room with clear vases. Flowers brighten up the room and reduce stress. A monogrammed glass vase makes a wonderful centerpiece on the living room coffee table, especially when placed above a reflective tray. In a space with lots of white, and especially natural lighting, glass and mirrored surfaces create a clean and open feeling. A personalized vase also fits effortlessly into a vignette in front of a vibrant accent wall. The engraved monogram is like a gentle brush stroke against shades of lavender, aqua, blue, purple, pink, orange and light green.

In the dining room, monogrammed decor makes an instant impression on guests. It creates a nice conversation piece that helps everyone relax. So what are good places for colorful accents? That depends on your home’s layout. One great place to start is the dining room table. When it’s not being used for meals, fresh flowers make a refreshing centerpiece that puts a smile on your face. A hand-blown vase with your recipient’s initials on it is a great gift that has the same effect on them: a happy start – or close – to the day. When company is seated at the table, culinary-inspired decorations like personalized carafes and glassware make a great first impression. Your dinner guests feel like they’re seated in a beautiful cafe in Paris.

White ceramic or porcelain planters are right at home in the kitchen. They bring life to the room and inspire you while cooking. If you have an island, one possibility is to have a pair of planters situated in the corners. They also look beautiful above the pantry, lining the top of your cabinets or on top of a stainless-steel refrigerator. Planting herbs like basil, rosemary, cilantro, mint or dille lets you incorporate fashion and flavor into the same space.

The bedroom is an important area to personalize. You want to feel relaxed and inspired, like you’re in your own private palace. The decor you choose depends on your mood and whether you prefer to reflect quietly or dance around the room when nobody’s watching. Candles soothe any stress away and make it easy to fall asleep. Place special objects – like a personalized catchall or jewelry box – around the room too, whatever reminds you of the people you love and who love you back. If you’re more the party all night type, choose bright and bold artwork to display on the walls. It gets your blood flowing and starts those creative juices that move you. Either way, personalized pieces boost your confidence and remind you that you’re ready to take on the world.

What really makes a house or apartment a home are the people who live in it. Your loved ones are the most important possession you have. Some of the best decorations are those that keep your family close to you. Photographs and frames work beautifully in every room of the house. They shine on a living room bookcase, placed on a console table in the entryway, hanging on the wall in the dining room or perched in a breakfast nook in the kitchen. Place photographs where you see them the most, like on a bedside accent table. That way you go to sleep with happy memories and wake up with a positive outlook.