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There’s something about being outside that’s instantly appealing. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a short stroll through the park or an afternoon sitting on your patio while enjoying a cup of coffee and the sound of birds, you can’t go wrong with time spent outdoors. One way to put a fun twist on a social gathering is to entertain your guests outside. Mark and Graham offers a carefully curated selection of personalized party supplies to ensure the occasion is a huge hit. Personalized outdoor games are exciting for kids and adults alike. Here are some other reasons why getting your game on outside is such a good idea.

Fresh air is a big stress reliever. Have you had a long day at work? Call up a few friends and share a drink on the patio. If you live in an apartment, head to the balcony or up to the terrace. Nothing gets your mind off of worries like enjoying the outdoors and laughing with people you love to be around. The same thing goes for a nice round of golf in beautiful surroundings. Before you realize it, you have an ear-to-ear smile on your face. Golf is a great way to get some exercise too. Walking down the fairway benefits your legs, feet, knees, tendons and back. And because it’s low impact and you’re not in a hurry, your body doesn’t feel sore afterwards. Sure, you might prefer riding from hole to hole in a golf cart to save time, and that’s totally fine. You still get a moderate amount of exercise from head to toe, and you share the experience with friends, so it’s even better.

Personalized golf accessories make great gifts for your mom or dad, a new grad, work colleagues or just about anyone you know who loves to golf. Golf clubs are a very personal thing that people treasure and take exceptional care of. A golf bag with their initials or name on it is something really special that your recipient remembers for a very long time. A putting set is another favorite of many golfers; they always love to take advantage of free spots in their schedule to keep improving their game.

Outdoor activities draw parents and kids together for food, drinks and festivities. Kids love to spend time outdoors, and parents are happy when their kids are happy. Outdoor games are just as fun for adults, so it’s easy to enjoy yourself while watching your kids play too. Why not play a rousing game of bocce ball? No worries, no phone calls, just 100 percent quality time as a family. Plus, being outside helps kids and teens relax, so it’s easier for you to share a nice conversation.

If you’re planning a casual party, think about holding it outside. If you’re a master of the barbecuing arts, chances are your culinary skills will wow guests and neighbors with bright flavors and techniques. An outdoor setting makes your guests feel comfortable right away, so they have a great time. And since all the action is going on right in the back yard, you can participate without leaving the grill unattended. Help everyone get their appetites worked up with a fun game of lawn dice in a monogrammed bag that reminds everyone who these personalized outdoor games belong to – they’re so fun, everyone might want to take them home!

What are some popular outdoor party games? For kids, you have the classics like hide and seek, tag and Simon says – that’s pretty fun with adults too. Larger groups have a blast with a bean bag toss or lawn dice. Those huge dice are great to toss around and lead to hilarious situations. Keep some snacks nearby for when your little guests start to get hungry. Bocce is another outdoor sport, with origins in Egypt and Italy. Not only is it fun to play, it’s also very chic. Break out your bocce set at your house or bring it along to a friend’s party. The rules aren’t hard to learn and you can bet plenty of memorable moments are set to be created together.

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