Beds + Bowls

Bets + Bowls

When it’s time to slumber, day or night, comfort is key. Why not let your four-legged, furry friend be as cozy as his human counterpart on one of Mark and Graham’s lavish pet beds. A 100 percent cotton cover offers your pup a soft landing place while sleeping, and when it’s time to hit the laundry, the cover easily removes and washes with your other hamper items. You have a small pooch and a large hound? Not a problem. Grab a dog bed to accommodate your petite, 7-pound Maltese and one large enough for your Rottweiler that weighs in at 75 pounds. Be sure to include your feline friend when it comes to cozy slumber and grant kitty with individualized deluxe sleeping quarters. It’s easy to keep track of whose is whose with a monogram on each bed with your pets’ names. With such a luxurious option for resting, enjoy a full, peaceful sleep when Fido no longer wakes you in the middle of the night wanting to join you in your bed.

Do you live in a warmer climate where you find your tail-wagger requires a pet bed that stays on the cooler side while sleeping? A dog bed made with a canvas material is ideal, as it does not increase in temperature with your pooch’s body heat like other bed materials, such as pure cotton, fleece or sheep’s wool - all great for moderate and colder climates and seasons. Present this destination for slumber to your Boston terrier or golden retriever or any size mutt somewhere in between. Even a breed as large as 110 pounds finds comfort resting in one of these beds. Show that extra love you have for your pet and print your furry companion’s name, birth date or adoption date on the bed made for a king.

When it’s time to hit the road, bring your four-legged friend along for the ride. Take a jaunt to the park, and remember to bring a leash, for a full Saturday in the sun and chasing sticks, or bring Fifi along to your annual family reunion gathering; your pet is part of the family after all. For long outings, this is simple with our travel bed for dogs. It features soft handles for easy carrying from the car to your destination, and it folds up like a bag to make it compact while in transit. Pack your hound’s favorite chew toys too, as the pet bed in its bag form features a convenient pocket for a bone, ball or chosen doggie treats. If it’s a cooler day at the beach, your best friend keeps warm while resting on the sheep’s wool bed. With this simple travel solution, always say yes when puppy-dog eyes tell you, “I want to go for a ride.”

When it comes to spoiling your pooch, a personal doggie bed is not the only way you can show your love for such cuteness. Get creative with your dog’s feeding area. Rather than providing a basic food and water bowl, gift your pup with a feeding station that features the food and water bowls submerged in a solid block of wood, allowing you to conveniently move both bowls at the same time from here to there within the house or outside as needed. Designed to withstand the toughness that canines sometimes display when they are eating, the solid wood keeps its original form and is long lasting. Specialize your pup’s feeding post to match the sleeping quarters you’ve arranged with your doggie’s name printed on the front. Choose between two sizes that best fit your dog’s stature, whether your baby is a Chihuahua, beagle, Australian shepherd or Irish setter. If you have a dual-doggie household, grab two of these stations and reserve one for water and one for food, if your pets play well together during mealtime. Or, keep food and water separate, serving two different stations: one for each poochie.