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It’s no secret that people love pets. It doesn’t matter what age you are; kids adore their companions and adults are excited too when it’s time to play around with their dog, cat or other animal. In truth, a pet soon becomes another member of the family, finding a special place in its owner’s heart that lasts for a long time. So if you’re looking for a gift for a dog lover, check out Mark and Graham’s personalized pet accessories. They’re practical and attractive, providing the recipient with something that they can use every day with their best – furry – friend. Here are a few ideas.

Every dog needs a collar. It’s a place to display their distinctive name for all to see. And similar to the effect that an elegant watch or a piece of jewelry has on humans, a collar makes pets seem more distinguished. Basically, it’s an opportunity for their owners to show how important a dog or cat is to them. For something formal and traditional, choose a leather collar in brown or black. More playful options include red, orange and blue.

Does your canine love the water? A quick-drying woven collar lets pets get in on the action anytime they want, and still be presentable enough to hop in the car afterwards. Show off a dog’s adventurous side with exciting colors like pink, green and more.

What exactly can you put on the monogram? There are tons of possibilities; some chic, some humorous, all beautiful. One great gift option is to place the pet’s name on a collar or leash. You choose the font and exact spelling. Up to 10 characters also gives you space for some fun. If you’re picking out a present for friends or coworkers that you’re close to, try customizing gifts with ‘the master,” “walk me,” “feed me,” and anything that makes you smile. Internet slang is fair game too, like “TL;DR” – too long, didn’t read – or “g2g,” got to go. There’s even a hashtag font for social media stars. View all pet customizations right on the screen to make sure it’s just right.

Our personalization options let you choose a monogram’s color for extra flair. Give a black collar even more excitement with a name in apple green, bright pink, platinum, red and many other vibrant hues. They cater to a dog’s personality, whether soft and cuddly or bad to the bone. Each font also has a specific feel. A flowing cursive script is ideal for pets that are princes and princesses, while an all-caps format gives them a certain movie-star quality. Modern, retro, urban and artistic all have their own letter styles. So get creative, play around and have some fun.

A matching leash equips owners for some exercise. Daily walks are good for your dog’s health, but that’s not really the reason canines can’t wait to head outside. They just love the fresh air. Pets jump – literally – at the chance to explore and stretch their legs. And it’s good for bonding time between friends. Hit the city sidewalks, take a stroll through your garden or go for a jog on the beach. Our stylish collar and leash combination is strong but lightweight. That way your dog doesn’t get away, but also feels relaxed and comfortable. Collars come in three different sizes to ensure a smooth fit. Feel free to mix and match color combinations to impress the other dog owners around.

Another great gift on days when it’s cool outside is a personalized sweater or jacket for pets. They’re equal parts functional and fashionable. A weatherproof jacket, for example, keeps dogs toasty if it starts to rain unexpectedly. And having their name – or their owner’s name – embroidered on a cozy sweater is really adorable too. Four different sizes, XS, S, M and L make it easy to get a snug fit for dogs of almost any breed. Matching monogrammed styles between master and companion look unforgettable.