For the Host with the Most

At Mark and Graham, we know that a great party is unforgettable. So whether you’re looking for a personalized hostess gift as a way to say thank you for a great time, or want to surprise a special someone with a present to make their next big bash easy and spectacular, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer high-quality pieces that shine, our personalization options let you take them to the next level. That way guests are blown away, and the hostess can show off her sense of style. From stunning glassware to creative decor, everything needed for a chic celebration is right here.

Every great party starts with drinks. And because a visitor’s palate depends on what they see just as much as the vintage of wine, elegant glassware makes a big first impression. Stemless wine glasses are a sophisticated choice, especially when made from handblown glass. Any social event seems a bit more exquisite with the delicate contours of our distinctive pieces. And with a stylish monogram engraved on their surface, even relaxed get-togethers become something out of the ordinary. You decide the best way to personalize your glasses, whether with a traditional monogram or a chic expression, such as a word in Italian, instead. To take that customization to another level, choose colorful accent pillows to decorate a living room, family room or deck space.

If the hostess you have in mind is more of a sports fan, or prefers laid-back backyard grilling, we also offer a selection of unforgettable beer mugs to keep the rest of the team happy. Choose from handblown glass, stainless-steel or copper mugs for a celebration with flair. Copper cools quickly when placed in the freezer, and holds its temperature well, making for delicious chilled beer no matter what the weather is like. That can instantly make a hostess immensely popular during a summertime pool party. And since our barware is personalized, everyone knows exactly who to thank.

For the adventurous bartender, wine and beer just aren’t enough. It’s a good thing that we also offer impressive bar accessories to make trendy cocktails that impress. Martinis look much more impressive when served from a sleek metal shaker. And wearing a monogrammed bar apron adds an elegant ambience as well. With the right martini glasses, a hostess can transport her guests to her own four-star club. Our handblown glass and copper offerings are flawless. Don’t forget the importance of personalized decor in creating the right vibe for a party.

Kids don’t need to be left out either. Choose acrylic drinkware that looks beautiful but that’s also safe for use outside. Our resistant acrylic is shatter resistant, so if a young guest accidentally drops his glass, it’s not the end of the world. Different styles make it easy to offer them anything from ice cream floats in a mug to sparkling apple cider for a special occasion. Check out our selection of other kids’ party items – including outdoor sports equipment – to make children smile big time.

Other personalized hostess gifts that add a lot of atmosphere to any space are customized serving trays. The perfect piece depends a lot on the theme of her party. For a more formal cheese and wine tasting, a rustic wood serving tray is the way to go. On the other hand, afternoon drinks look great when served on a gleaming metallic tray. And brightly colored lacquer pieces make a definite impression when serving anything from coffee to hors d’oeuvres. For impromptu visits from friends or parties for youngsters, melamine is resistant, safe for outdoor use and features beautiful designs that match decor effortlessly. Some of these unique hostess gifts take a short monogram while others can hold the last name of the hostess.

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