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Copper Trays

It’s important to be yourself. People notice your confidence and sense of style, which make a great impression on clients, coworkers, acquaintances and friends alike. Planning a formal party? Make it stand out by infusing the occasion with elements of your personality, like custom cocktails and vibrant decor. At Mark and Graham, we take your drinkware and serving pieces to the next level with elegant monograms. It’s impossible not to notice personalized copper trays or wine glasses with your initials on them. Here are a few ways to use a monogrammed copper tray to infuse your party with excitement and chic.

First and foremost, copper trays excel at serving drinks. They help you carry a number of cocktails to your guests in one trip, so you spend less time delivering orders and more time talking with company. That’s especially important for backyard soirees, since it means a lot less travel between kitchen and patio. Plus, a copper tray with a monogram is great for conversation. Since it gets noticed, people start asking about your initials or commenting on your style.

Use serving trays to flex your culinary muscles. Hors d’oeuvres are a huge hit at any party, and you need a tray to show them off. Want to add a hint of sophistication? Place a monogrammed towel over your arm – wearing a stunning dress or tuxedo takes it even further – while serving. The beauty of copper is that it elevates any kind of party appetizers, from simple deviled eggs to complicated and intricate personal creations with caviar, sushi, meats, cheeses, herbs and more.

Copper is a great choice for serving drinks and appetizers when you want to tell people that you know what you’re doing in the kitchen. It has an air of culinary expertise, making the occasion feel like a five-star French bistro on the Champs Elysees. Plus, it has an attractive sheen that makes food pop. Instead of the intense reflection of a glass or silver tray, copper is more subtle and warm. It makes your drinks the star of the show.

If guests show up unexpectedly, use a copper tray to serve them coffee or tea. Our large rectangular trays have enough space for several coffee cups, sugar and cream – as well as personalized napkins – with room to spare. Enjoy time with friends while also being a great host. And when they’re finished, all you have to do is place the empty cups back on the tray, head to the kitchen, and voila;, a spotless coffee table.

Another way to use a copper drink tray is as a decorative piece. In the living room, place it on your coffee table with fresh flowers, aged liqueurs or art. That’s especially a good idea if your style is laidback and modern. Instead of a traditional coffee table, go with a large ottoman for a warm and friendly atmosphere. A personalized copper tray keeps food and drinks stable while adding to the artistic flair.

Why not enjoy breakfast in bed? You deserve to be treated like royalty from time to time. A copper tray has space for a complete breakfast of cereal, eggs and toast, or whatever you long for. A vase with a red rose is always welcome too. Or start the morning off with juice and coffee on the deck. Take in the fresh air while sipping a hot beverage. Just place everything you need on the tray before leaving the kitchen, grab your newspaper and head outside in a single trip.

Keep your entryway organized with a round copper tray or a small catchall. They provide space for keys, wallets, rings, watches, phones and more – whatever you need to grab before heading off to work in the morning. A tray on your console table saves ton of time looking for things. Plus, seeing your monogram inspires you with an extra shot of confidence throughout the day.