Any woman knows that anniversaries are a big deal, both for married couples as well as those that have only been dating for a month or two. The right gift makes your special someone’s heart beat a little faster, and is a good way to build a relationship that lasts. At Mark and Graham, we don’t leave these things to chance. Our ornate jewelry, sparkling accessories and practical pieces are sure to win a smile from your husband or wife. And by adding a carefully chosen monogram, your gift becomes something to be treasured for a long time. Personalized anniversary gifts are an elegant way of saying I love you. Take a look at our selection of monogrammable women’s clothing for additional gift ideas.

Stunning necklaces immediately take most women’s breath away. Their lustrous shine enhances any outfit and makes a woman feel beautiful. But most importantly, a personalized necklace lets her carry your name, or the names of her children, close to her heart no matter where she is. Our necklaces combine intimate chains of sterling silver, 14k solid yellow gold and 18k gold plate with detailed monogrammed accents. Chains are of varying lengths, so you can pick one that matches her preferences. If she enjoys wearing dresses with a lower neckline, a longer necklace is a good choice that highlights her skin. For an especially romantic touch, choose a locket with a picture from your first few dates or your wedding day.

Other personalized anniversary gifts popular with women the world over include bracelets and earrings. A bangle is easy for a woman to slip on when heading out the door but packs in tons of sentiment. When you include a laser-engraved monogram, it’s easy for her to remember just how much you enjoy her company every time she sees it. Place her full name on the piece for style, or have your own name etched there to remind her that she holds your heart. Many of our bracelets and bangles are available in sleek gold plating, rose gold plating and steel.

Personalized jewelry isn’t just a good gift for women, however. Men love engraved cufflinks and tie clips. When at the office, attending a business seminar or having lunch with an important client, a pair of cufflinks provides a certain distinction. And wearing them makes a man feel more confident and debonair. Some cufflinks can even be personalized with a secret message from you. An engraved ring is another gift idea to help your special someone look fabulous no matter what he has on. A thick signet ring adds flair even if it’s casual Friday at work.

Jewelry boxes and catchalls are practical and stylish, whether kept on a bedroom dresser, vanity tabletop or an accent shelf near the entryway door. Elegant boxes with fine details make beautiful gifts that touch a woman’s heart. They also provide space where she can keep her favorite pieces of jewelry safe and close. A personalized watch case does the same thing for a man; he can store several watches when he’s not using them and pick one that’s right for any occasion. Trendy catchalls are especially helpful for holding car keys, coins, jewelry and pretty much whatever you need to grab in a hurry before heading to work in the morning. Don’t forget to check out our selection of personalized men’s apparel for other gift ideas.

If you want to get a married couple or your spouse a great gift but arenʼt completely sure of their tastes, consider the advantages of a gift card. You get to choose the card’s amount, and because we understand that personalizing an anniversary gift is so important, each gift card arrives at the recipient’s address via first-class mail with a custom message from you. You can still show how much you care but also be sure that your loved ones receive some of our personalized items that they absolutely love.