Birthday Party

To infuse a celebration with a festive atmosphere, personalized party decorations are a must. At Mark and Graham, we offer accessories, serveware and drinkware that looks spectacular in guests’ hands and on your kitchen counters. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, kids’ party or football extravaganza, our decorations take everything to the next level. Plus, they make cleaning up afterwards a whole lot easier. So let your imagination soar and choose pieces that fit your design vision.

Personalized napkins are a simple way to add tons of emotion to a special event. Seeing their names printed on napkins is enough to make kids go crazy with excitement. If you’re planning a party just for them, use their first names or a favorite word. Pick a playful font to fit the mood. For more formal celebrations like a baby shower, graduation or a surprise bridal shower, monogrammed napkins add an air of sophistication. And you’re not limited to a single size. Cocktail napkins are preferable for serving chic drinks, whereas larger dinner styles work well with cookies, scones and other treats.

When it comes to elegant pool parties or evening get-togethers, our beautiful hand-blown wine glasses or cocktail pieces make a lasting impression. But if you’re planning a party that’s more about just having fun, choose colorful plastic cups instead. They’re shatterproof, which makes them ideal for anything involving kids; even if they fall, no one gets hurt. These practical cups are easily reused, and tons of personalization options allow for humorous phrases or even icons on the wall of each cup.

Stay coordinated and select decor that goes with the theme of the occasion. Instead of worrying about individual designs for cups, napkins and coasters, choose a monogram instead. Our personalized party gifts can be printed with the same customization across all of your pieces to give the celebration a unified sense of style. If you’re throwing a surprise party for someone, choose a name. Or if you want to add some glamour to a brunch with friends, use your own monogram. Both ways are sure to impress guests.

Go color crazy for a festive fete. True, white napkins with a delicate monogram are traditional, especially for baby showers or wine and cheese-tasting parties. But bold colors add emotion and excitement to a celebration and also provide an opportunity to coordinate with your decor. Our party accessories are available in countless tones for maximum fun. Choose from pink, purple, blue, navy, green, orange, red, yellow and rainbow colors for everything from napkins to coasters and glasses. If you do decide on a white background, select a bright hue for your personalization. You get to choose whether you want accessories in a uniform color or several sets with distinctive shades for each.

For a special treat, give out monogrammed cups to your guests as keepsake favors to take home. At the beginning of a tailgating party, hand out one glass to each of your guests. That way, no matter how many times they refill on beer or cola, you don’t end of with piles of disposable cups and plates left in guests’ wake.

Drinkware and napkins are a good start for an exciting event. But to really breathe life into a party, you need presents. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and with our personalized ribbons you can make sure that your present stands out. Depending on the size of your gift box, choose from sleek .625" ribbon or a wider 1.5" roll. Next comes the color: pick elegant black, ivory, turquoise, magenta, yellow, red, orange or navy, depending on the occasion. It’s a good idea to keep more than one shade on hand to match different wrapping paper. And now you can enjoy the fun part: deciding on personalization. With up to 20 letters to use, it’s easy to add everything from a baby’s full name to a special message to visitors.