The Art of Packing Light for Every Vacation

It's more important than ever to be a pro at packing light. United Airlines recently announced plans to ban budget flyers using the overhead baggage lockers, while American Airlines has reduced its checked baggage allowance from three to two bags.

Even if you're not flying, most people use only a fraction of what they pack. And the more you pack in, the harder it is to keep everything organized... But how do you know what to keep and what to ditch? We've got some top tips to help you pack light like a pro, no matter what kind of trip you're embarking on.

Spa Weekend

Spa weekend

Heading off for a weekend of pampering? It's tempting to pack half your bathroom but don't forget the spa hotel will have plenty of toiletries.

Beach Holiday

Beach holiday

Most people tend to struggle to pack light for the beach, as you're constantly moving between environments. Choose items that can segue from beach to pool, and from daytime to evening - coordinating colors as much as possible. A couple of stylish accessories will do the rest.

City Break

City break

Packing for a city break should be simple, but most people end up taking too much. The best thing about city travel is that if you forget something, you can just buy a replacement - so go as light as you dare!



No one wants to skimp on packing to go to a wedding. But equally, you don't need as much as you think you need, as it's only a couple of days and you're unlikely to need much variety.

Activity Break

Activity break

Getting your pack together can be half the fun of an adventure trip, but it's no fun trying to dig an essential piece of equipment out of your backpack in the dark and the rain - so it's worth learning the art of packing light.