Perfect Gifts For The Frequent Traveler

Perfect Gifts For The Frequent Traveler

1. Personalized passport case and luggage tag

No self-respecting frequent flyer hits the skies without their own passport case and luggage tag set. Unless your luggage is immediately recognizable, trying to bag the right suitcase off the carousel at 2am can be tricky. Choose bright colors for instant visibility, and you might want to consider monogramming too - just in case someone else at the airport has equally good taste.

2. Technology organizer

You might think that with the advent of the smartphone, we'd be packing lighter than ever before. But it seems that every time-saving gadget we stuff in the suitcase comes with its own tangle of wires and chargers. When it comes to having easy access to your goods on the move, a handy technology organizer is the best way to sort out the mess. These usually come in foldable form, with handy pockets straps to hold everything in place, from small tablets and chargers to cords and pens.

3. Travel power pack

Ever had a recurring nightmare of losing power just as you're about to send that sales-closing email, or while waiting for an urgent call? Give the precious gift of extra charge for those "I-need-battery-now!" moments, and help your friend or family member stay in touch for longer. Power packs come in various sizes (and weights), so source a lighter, pocket-sized version with enough juice for several charges.

4. Travel pillow

How about giving the precious gift of sleep to your friends or family? There's a new breed of travel pillows on the market, all promising to harness the latest technology to provide the best chance of catching some shut-eye while in the air. But whether you spring for futuristic memory foam versions or inflatable collars, avoid anything too bulky as it will need to fit in that carry-on luggage.

5. Cosmetics case

Every explorer needs a travel cosmetics case to stash all their make-up, hair and body essentials - preferably spill-proof and wipeable. There's a huge variety of choice out there in terms of looks, but make sure you opt for a durable finish for long-lasting style. To upgrade the gift, fill it with a smart set of accessories, including a shaving mirror and manicure / pedicure tools.

6. Travel jewelry case

Tired of the tangle that inevitably results from packing more than one piece of jewelry? Ditch it with a durable but pretty jewelry case or roll, neatly dividing delicate earrings, bracelets, necklaces into separate compartments. Even better if it features extras such as a hidden mirror or ring pocket.

7. Perfume atomizer

Help your friend or family member arrive at their destination smelling like roses with a mini perfume atomizer. Choose a carry-on baggage-friendly size so they can carry their favorite scent with them on the plane hassle-free - and make sure the bottle is spill-free. Rollerball fragrances are also an option, although they usually come pre-filled.

8. Tie case

For the discerning traveler who's really going places (or even for a proud father heading to a wedding), an elegant tie case is the perfect gift to ensure his ties arrive without a wrinkle or stain in sight. Choose one with extra storage for collar stays, tie pins and cuff links.

9. Multi-tool

It's a truism that every modern gentleman loves a gadget, but they don't have to be USB-charged. If your traveler secretly harbors dreams of living a backwoods life, he'll love a nifty multi-tool - and even if he's staying within the city limits, it could still come in handy for opening a beer or two.