The 5 Most Useful Travel Accessories

Your Essential Travel Kit

Vacation like an absolute pro with these five must-have, super-useful travel accessories, plus some top tips for keeping things ship-shape when you're away.

External power bank

The power is in your hands. Traveling takes its toll on your smartphone - before you know it you're out of power and you don't even know the way to the hotel. To ensure you never have to ask your phone to go into low-power mode again, pack away an external power bank so you can keep topped up with juice as you enjoy your vacation. Leaving you free to phone home, use Google Maps and take a selfie in front of the Leaning Tower (you know you're going to).

Ear bud and charger holder

But where will you put it? Problem with all these useful accessories is that, left unmanaged, they tend to burrow to the bottom of your luggage, somehow managing to get to the most hard to reach place in all your packing. Or, even worse, they simply disappear, never to be found again unless some kindly soul hands them in at lost and found. Grab an ear bud and charger holder, a zippered case with the elasticity to securely store a phone charger on one side and a pair of headphones on the other. Simple.

Zip folio

When you go on holiday, where do you store all your important documents? If the answer is a) throw them in my luggage or b) what documents?, then a zip folio is something you need in your life. You'll look much more like 'our man in Havana' than 'lost, confused tourist' with this pouch, which offers easy access to your passport, flight itinerary, city map, bank cards, electronics and whatever else - as well as being stylish as anything.

Tech envelope

Whether you're travelling for business or simply take a lot of gadgets with you on vacation, acquaint yourself with an awesome tech envelope. As well as being a handy repository for travel documents, it also serves as a handy tech storage hub, with space for an external battery, cords and cables and smaller electronic devices like the iPad Mini.

Bluetooth speaker

Have some holiday downtime? Listen to music, radio or podcasts using a Bluetooth speaker. These types of speakers deliver excellent sound, are really easy to pack and carry, and look effortlessly stylish. Stick them on your hotel room's balcony and the next door neighbors will be asking where you got them.

Three tips for staying organized on holiday

Travel light. Packing small might make you feel anxious, but it's perfectly doable and will make your holiday much more enjoyable. No worrying about getting everything on the plane and no running for a train while laden with heavy luggage.

Keep your gadgets packed away safely. Nowadays, it's normal to take a couple of smartphones, digital camera and tablet/laptop away with you on holiday. Investing in a zip pouch is a great idea - you can store everything in there safe and sound.

Consider an e-reader. Books are fantastic but on holiday they're heavy and only end up weighing you down. Consider buying an e-reader so you can take as many books as you like for hardly any extra weight, plus have them all in one place.