How to Pack for Different Climates

We're big fans of travel - the more adventurous, the better. But packing for different climates, especially when the weather can change by nightfall or at a moment's notice, can be difficult. Luckily, we have some tips for you - so you'll be ready even if nature throws you a curveball. We'll be visiting tropical climates, going on desert adventures, heading out into wet and windy conditions, and taking some winter trips too...

Tropical Climate

Tropical Climates

Bug spray and sunscreen are obviously both a must. Mosquitos will no doubt be a frequent traveling companion; you don't want itchy bites to be one too. The high humidity, meanwhile, requires extra swimwear and towels, as everything will take longer than normal to dry. Light and loose clothes are also a good idea - even the evenings will be warm. Pick clothes in light colors to reflect the sun, too. You'll probably have to contest with some rain showers as well as heat, so a light waterproof jacket and an umbrella will come in handy. We recommend a compact vented umbrella - it'll fit nicely into your travel bag and won't take up too much space.

Desert Adventure

Desert Adventures

Out in the desert, you need all the protection you can get from the sun's intense rays: light clothing (white or reflective) which covers your arms and legs, a cotton scarf to cover your face in case of sandstorms, and a wide-brimmed straw hat. Remember to bring sunblock for times when your skin is exposed to the sun, as well. You'll need warmer apparel for the evening, as the temperature dramatically drops.

Wet and Windy Adventures

Wet & Windy Adventures

Packing light for wet and windy weather can be a bit of a challenge, but it's particularly important for adventures like backpacking and camping. Thin layers are a good idea, as they'll dry quicker if you get drenched, and a raincoat with a hood is essential. Wearing a cap underneath your hood is also useful for keeping the hood above your eyes and the rain out of them. If you're out in the cold and wet, it's best to stick to wool and synthetics rather than cotton, as cotton loses all its insulating potential when it gets wet. A stylish wool scarf, therefore, will keep you nice and toasty, even if it begins to rain.

Winter Activity Trips

Winter Activity Trips

If you're smart with layering, you can get away with never having too much in your bag, and wear the same items of clothing at different points of your trip. It's important, however, to take off layers if you start getting too hot, as beginning to sweat could compromise the insulation of your clothes and make you colder! Cold weather adventures also necessitate insulated boots, long underwear and thermal socks. These trips are also a particularly great excuse for trendy accessories - hats, scarves, gloves. Touchscreen cashmere gloves are ideal for a winter trip, protecting you from the biting cold while still allowing you to take holiday photos with your smartphone or tablet.